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About Us

Who we are

Highgate is Australia’s specialist supplier to the automotive air conditioning market. Nobody else has the focus, commitment to service, understanding of quality requirements, breadth of range, corporate knowledge or expertise of our friendly team.

Centrally located in South Australia, we are well placed to service the industry nationwide.

Our motto is to deliver “The Right Part, The First Time, Nationwide.”

Products of particular emphasis include:
• Compressors
• Condensers and other parts
• Refrigerant supply
• Refrigerant enhancing and oil additive products
• Service tools and equipment

Highgate’s focus is on the Automotive, European, Heavy Duty, Mining and Agricultural industries, constantly looking for fresh additions to our product range and developing market share nationally.

• Automotive – passenger and AWD vehicles especially European sourced
• Agricultural – tractors, headers etc.
• Heavy Duty & Mining – trucks and mining equipment.