When the heat hits, we all want to feel cool and fresh. But what happens when that a/c system simply just doesn't cope with the heat? Highgate has got just the thing, that will guarantee to impress your customers, and get them back on the road with a smile from ear to ear! Read below and find out how to impress your customers and make more money.


Use the new Hi-Cool banner to explain the workings of the AC system. The banner shows clearly the evaporator, TX Valve , condenser and receiver drier. Explain the way the system works and what you will be doing to fix the problem they currently have with their system. Remember an educated customer that understands that you understand the technicalities of a system will be the first to refer you as a company to one of their friends or family.


Explain how the new Hi-Cool additive works and the fact it guarantees 10% better cooling. It also seals any rubber and porous hoses as well as conditioning o-rings and has a lubricity additive in it to make compressors last longer and run quieter and smoother. Once you have explained the above, suggest sell and get the go ahead.


Inject Hi-Cool into the low side of the system. Either inject into the empty system before charging or into a full system, by ensuring that the system has the compressor running and low side is pulling down for an easy injection. Measure temp before and after, add the free Hi-Cool air freshener by hanging on rear view mirror or similar and affix sticker to the underside of bonnet or similar.

Nothing else acts as fast and performs as good as Hi-Cool

HI-COOL A/C System Additive from Highgate Car Air uses state-of-the-art lubricant technology to increase the operating efficiency of your car’s air conditioner. That means up to 15% faster cooling down when you start the car on a hot day, and up to 15% cooler vent temperatures while you drive.

A more efficient A/C needs less energy to achieve your chosen temperature level, so you can enjoy the comfort of a cooler, less humid car with a clear conscience.


HI-COOL creates a lasting boundary lubricant on the surface of all metal components of the air conditioner, including the compressor. This reduces heat caused by friction, gives a smoother surface for less drag, suppresses foaming and creates a greater load-bearing shield.

HI-COOL also improves heat transfer by minimising lubricant migration on the heat exchange surfaces of the evaporator and condenser. By eliminating the energy-robbing barriers caused by stagnant oil build-up and carbon deposits, the system requires less energy and cools more efficiently.


• Penetrates / rejuvenates o-rings, seals and flexible pipe
• Can also be used for hoses, o-rings and rubber parts
• Lower friction, less compressor wear
• Better heat transfer, less engine drag
• Stops oxidation and sludge build up
• Improved system efficiency
• Cooler vent temperatures
• Faster cooling
• Easy to inject
• Takes minutes to install
• Increases compressor life


• Use 30ml/kg


• Cars and Light Commercial Vehicles
• Heavy Duty
• Trucks
• Agricultural
• Transport Refrigeration
• Plus works on almost any other type of airconditioning system - ask us how!