Top 5 ARC Audit Checklist

Would you be ready for an ARC audit? Not sure? We have arranged the Top 5 ARC Audit Checklist and we recommend you review, and make sure you conform to the ARC latest requirements.

1.Your purchase records. Make sure you have your records up to date, and keep them up to date! Keep a record for the last 2 quarters of any refrigerant bought. Remember you can always call us for your record of what you have bought with the Highgate EzyTrack system.

2.Cylinder numbers recorded. You need to have a record of all cylinders on your site, along with the expiry number. You can call us for any cylinder numbers if you need clarification.

3.All service equipment is in good order. You need to have a record of all model numbers and serial numbers of your leak detector, vacuum pump, your recovery unit. Also you need to keep service records for these and make sure you have regularly serviced these. This means changing the tip on your leak detector, regularly changing vacuum pump oil and changing the filter on your recovery unit.

4. Risk Management Plan in place. Make sure you have a basic risk management plan in place. There is a simple and easy guide to use at the ARC Website, CLICK HERE

5.Recovery cylinders in date and have an emergency cylinder ready. It is a requirement that you have cylinders that are in date, as when you recover into a cylinder , in effect you are filling the cylinder, so the valve must have been replaced inside a 10 year period. You can check this by identifying the stamped month and year in the neck of the cylinder

We are here to help you with any technical issues or enquiries, so feel free to call one of our friendly staff on 1800 15 15 15 or via email on [email protected].