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Tools & Equipment

Why flush an AC system?

It is appalling the number of systems we come across in our time in the field where compressors have been replaced, sometimes more than 3-4 times and the system has never been flushed! Can you imagine not only the filings and contamination, but the sheer glut of oil in the system. Why? Read more to find out...

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Lokring & Lokclip


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Highgate Lokring Fitting Solution saves the day! When Des needed a condenser for a Mitsubishi truck recently he called genuine and not only was it really expensive, but it was ex Japan and over 2 weeks away! This customer needed his truck running (this was his livelihood !) – and he needed the aircon running!

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Leak Detection - P. 2

While some leaks are easily identifiable, we all have been driven to the wall by those small, hard-to-find leaks that cause such frustration and anxiety when trying to successfully repair an A/C system. Well, here’s some good news! There is a reliable, effective and responsible solution…to make your leak detecting life easier…read on!

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Introducing Highgate’s HI-PURE Air Purifier TO-65250, the most powerful sterilant commercially available to eliminate bacteria, viruses, odors, and mold spores. The TO-65250 incorporates the latest technology in ozone purification, and is engineered to safely deliver an effective concentration of ozone, eliminating offensive and persistent odors such as tobacco smoke.

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Leak Detection - P. 1

With today’s high A/C Service demand, A/C technicians are looking for fast, effective methods to check and detect leaks. However, there are industry standards to abide by, and basic steps one must take, in order to perform a successful service. Taking shortcuts can often result in comebacks and issues. So please read more on how to do the job right, the first time, everytime!

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