This is what our customers have to say

"I used my new lokring and lokclip system and was very amazed how easy and professional it works. I would recommend to everybody to get one, its awesome. " - Roy Henrickson, R & R Heavy Diesel.

"Lokring and lokclip are the best. Have used mine many times and never had a failure." - Jade Murnane

A new and unique way to join aluminium, copper and steel pipes and make a/c hoses. This outstanding system, developed in conjunction with NASA, is undeniably a solution to the problem of making hoses, especially in today’s world of pad, metric and captive Oring fittings.

Features at a Glance

• Made in Germany
• Will join any material to any other material. e.g. aluminium to steel, making the system extremely versatile.
• Leakage free - Due to a unique joining system that seals every time, the first time! You use the same fitting for metric and imperial pipes. Joins are rated at a working pressure of 5,000 kPa or 20,000 kPa maximum pressure.
• A simple 6 step process that takes only minutes, means better service for the customer and more profit for you. The join is ready to use immediately and the system can be charged.
• Can also be used for many other areas including power steering lines, fuel lines and transmission lines - the same connectors will also be utilised.