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Lokring & Lokclip

The lokring system is the innovative, time saving solution for joining aluminium, copper and steel pipes and making a/c hoses. This outstanding system, was developed in conjunction with NASA for spacecraft fuel lines. With the lokring system, you are able to cut hard steel and aluminium pipes and join them together, including going from hard pipe to flexible rubber hose. 

• Made in Germany
• Will join any material to any other material. e.g. aluminium to steel, making the system extremely versatile.
• Leakage free - Due to a unique joining system that seals every time, the first time! You use the same fitting for metric and imperial pipes. Joins are rated at a working pressure of 5,000 kPa or 20,000 kPa maximum pressure.
• A simple 6 step process that takes only minutes, means better service for the customer and more profit for you. The join is ready to use immediately and the system can be charged.
• Can also be used for many other areas including power steering lines, fuel lines and transmission lines - the same connectors will also be utilised.

View the complete kit available for purchase here.

"Lokring and Lokclip are the best. Have used mine many times and never had a failure."" - Jade

"I used my new lokring and lokclip system the other day and was very amazed how easy and professional it works . I would recommend to everybody to get one it's awesome!" Roy - R & R heavy Diesel

EATON EZ Clip Hose Repair

Eaton E-Z Clip fittings are an easy-to-install, high-quality clip system similar to Lokclip, utilising a barb with two o-rings and two clips that crimp down on the hose. They are designed to use only Eaton GH134W Thin-wall hose. The main difference between lokring and EATON EZ Clip is that EZ clip is an ultra heavy duty flexible rubber hose system designed for rugged high temperature environments. 

• Multi-refrigerant - compatible with R134a, R404a & R407C
• Dual extrusion veneer (polymide) core tube for oil & refrigerant compatibility
• Second core tube bonded to first for near zero permeation
• Excellent flexibility and kink resistant
• Temperature range: -40°C to 135°C
• Rated to working pressure of 500psi (34.5bar)
• Minimum burst pressure of 2000psi (137.9bar)

View the complete range available for purchase here.

Galaxy Hose - Standard Wall

The most popular hose, Galaxy 4826 is a polyester reinforced, spiral barrier hose. It is classified as SAE J2064 TYPE C Class II. Produced to SAE J51 dimensions. Multiple sizes available. 

• Two polyester spiral barrier hose.
• J51 A II outside diameters
• Compatible with R-12 / R134a refrigerants and Mineral Oil / PAG’s
• Dimensionally stable
• Highly flexible - easy to route
• Permeation: 1.77 Kg /m2 / year
• Moisture ingression: 0.056 g / cm2 / yr
• Temperature range: -40°F to 257° F (-40°C / 125°C)

Galaxy Hose - Thin Wall

OEM Level barrier refrigerant hose. Approved by many OEM’s around the globe for its excellent performance.

Light weight and flexible for easy routing
• Compatible with R134a and many other vehicular refrigerants
• Compatible with PAG oil and other popular lubricants
• Chloroprene blend tube compound
• Extruded polyamide barrier for low permeation
• Single braid polyester reinforcement
• Chlorobutyl cover compound for low moisture ingression
• Permeation: 2.3- 2.6 Kg/m2/yr (tested at 80°C)
• Moisture ingression: 0.033g/cm2/yr
• Temperature range of -40°F to+275°F (-40°C to +135°C)