It’s easy at this time of year to get ‘busy’ and leave organising and planning until the last minute, or not at all. Our 3 tips to turn busy into balance will get you on the right track so you can roll in to the new year like a well oiled machine. Find out how you can build the foundations for a successful 2022, starting now.


Whether you’re in a workshop, or a man-in-a-van, a tidy and properly stocked workspace is imperative to start the year well. Starting now, spend half an hour at the end of each day decluttering. Throw away dried out pens and almost empty oil containers. Re-order consumables that are running low well before Christmas to ensure you have what you need on hand when the heat hits. Review your digital files, tidying as you go. If dates are important to your filing system, saving file names by the year, then month, then date ensures a chronological display order, making it easy to find in future (21-11-05 for the 5th of November 2021)


When you’re busy, you don’t have time to look for tools or consumables that have been misplaced. If you find that nothing is ever on hand when you need it, it’s time to get organised. Spending a small amount of time now to find a home for everything, so you always know where to get it from and where to put it back, will save you time (and your mind!) in the long run. High-use consumables need to be easily accessible on shelving that is within reach. Larger tools and equipment can be hung around the perimeter of your workshop, along with tools that have long cords or hoses to keep them tidy. Keep your reference material such as MSDS’, the Highgate Technical Guides and product catalogue in drawers. Your local hardware store has everything you need to get organised, and these days, so does Kmart!


One of the easiest ways to lose customers is to forget them. Forget what they have already told you about the issue with their air conditioning, forget what they specifically asked you to look at, forget that your best employee is on leave and you have five air conditioning services booked for tomorrow! Use a diary to efficiently manage your ordering and customer bookings, making notes about your conversations and when to re-stock products. Use a yearly wall planner to give you and your team an easily visible overview of major events, employee holidays and maintenance schedules. The 2022 Daily Planner Pack from Highgate Air has everything you need to get organised. We include a 2022 hard cover diary, large wall planner, European made pen and a new stainless steel vacuum insulated travel mug for those early morning coffees (iced or hot).


Introducing more organisation and planning to your business may seem like a huge shift, but the benefits will be worth it. Our best advice is just to start now, even if it means starting small. Start by planning ahead and ordering your 2022 Highgate Air Daily Planner Pack to turn busy into balance in the new year. 2022 Daily Planners are also available individually, ready for gifting to employees or customers this festive season.