A 4-in-1 machine carries out the four processes of recovery, recycle, vaccum, (including vaccum leak testing) and recharging of an A/C system. At Highgate Air, we offer you a vast range of quality 4-in-1 machines  to choose from, covering both automotive as well as agriculture and heavy duty applications.

While it comes with an initial investment, fully automatic 4-in-1 machines such as Oksys Fast 202 or Agricold, carry a long list of benefits including saving you time, increasing convenience, decreasing consumable expense and ultimately, leaving you with extra money in your pocket. One of the major benefits of a 4 in 1 machine is that the refrigerant that is in the system can be recycled, thus significantly decreasing your costs in new refrigerant.

Use the calculator below to estimate how quickly an investment in a 4-in-1 machine could pay off for you (it might be a lot quicker than you think!).

Savings Calculator

Usage instruction: Amend the hourly rate you charge, the average time it takes you to run this job conventionally, your cost to obtain 1 kg of R134A and the average amount of R134A required to re-gas the common systems you work on.


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Disclaimer: The calculator and the calculated savings are a guide only and will vary depending on your individual circumstances.