One station, four key processes.


Automatic stations are a revolutionary product that will change the way you complete jobs, and will be the new employee you’ve been needing.

We understand that in business, there is rarely a solution that is one size fits all. That is why we stock a wide range of 4-in-1 stations that are designed to help you improve your workflow.

Your new employee - that does it all

“Set & Forget” on fully automatic stations

  • Stop switching between your tools to carry out the different processes, let the machine run through the cycles:

• Recover (including oil separation)
• Recycle
• Vacuum
• Vacuum Leak Test
• Oil/Dye Injection
• Recharge

  • Remove the risk of human error
  • Full database that allows you to quickly recall all the required vehicle information
  • Automatic hose evacuation ensures precise charge
  • Automatic pressure test once the service is complete

Advanced features in ONE machine

  • Station allows for easy movement around the workshop
  • Built-in graphic display allowing instant recognition of the stage the station is up to

Reduced service & maintenance costs

  • Refrigerant recycling - with the max recovery function, it is possible in some cases to recover and recycle up to 95% of vehicle refrigerant according to SAE J2788
  • Avoid frequent filter changing with the use of a dehydrating filter (up to 100kg of refrigerant)
  • The Vacuum Pump oil only requires replacement every 80 hours