We have spoken a lot about the benefits of Agricold and other workshop based 4-in-1 machines in the past, highlighting some of the obvious benefits including increased efficiency and a decrease in costs.

But there’s more to it than meets the eye.

One of our customers has shared with us his real-live application of Agricold, highlighting these -not so obvious- benefits.


When it comes to servicing machinery on-site, you can expect to face varying requirements in terms of access points, sometimes making it cumbersome, tricky and potentially risky to get your tools in the spot you need them in. In the customer’s example featured here, the harvester requires the technician to climb up the ladder whilst carrying up the tools he would require.

Agricold, besides its obvious benefits of increasing your on-the-job efficiency and decreasing your costs, will help you reduce your risk of injury and accidents due to:

1. Carrying out the 4 processes of recovery, recycling, vacuum, and recharging of an A/C system, meaning less back and forth and streamlining the process for you

2. Its 7.5 metre long hoses (most conventional machines come with max 3 metre hoses), allowing you to keep the Agricold stationary on the back of your service vehicle or trailer. This means no carrying of heavy tools is required, and therefore less potential to hurt your back or have an accident, trying to juggle separate equipment.

See how Agricold stacks up against other 4-in-1 machines here and find out which one suits your needs best.

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