With the refrigerant world moving quickly and a vast amount of US and European vehicle manufacturers changing the refrigerant of choice over to R1234yf, it’s time to make sure you are ready for a world where R1234yf and R134a co-exist.

The new emission standards are set by regulations in the European Union Mobile AC Directive. The automotive air-conditioning world has been forced to introduce the new refrigerant that has a lower Global Warming Potential. So far, the US, Europe and Japan markets are leading the charge.

Are you ready to tackle the future task of servicing and re-charging both systems?

The issue air-conditioning technicians are facing is that R1234yf has a mild flammability to it. Meaning that the equipment used for servicing needs to be intrinsically safe (or spark proof). As a result, the coupler and cylinder fittings have been changed to highlight the difference.

This is where kits like our Gear Up Pro Kit come into play – having the ability to re-charge both gas types, in your workshop or on-site – it’s the ultimate mobile re-charging kit. This particular kit includes a top quality Refco R134a & R1234yf portable charging station and the super-fast Refco Enviro Duo R134a & R1234yf recovery unit, packaged along with other essential tools to help you make your job a whole lot easier.

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