Did you know your flush solvent can leave a residue, rendering it less effective every time you use it?


Flushing is the best way to remove old oil and debris from automotive air conditioning systems when you have discovered a component failure. Many chemicals on the market are not designed for air conditioning systems and are used at your own risk.

It’s important to ensure that your flush chemical is a fast-evaporating solvent that is designed specifically for automotive air conditioning systems.

After any component failure, you will be preparing to flush the appropriate components such as evaporators, lines, hoses and modine or tube and fin condensers in older vehicles. Certain components are not able to be flushed and must be replaced in the event of a failure. This includes the compressor, drier and valves, as well as parallel flow and multi flow condensers in newer vehicles.


Flushing is good practice for any system that is not performing well. Use it to:

• Ensure a clean system when you don’t know the vehicle history

• Remove contaminants that are circulating through the system potentially causing premature component failure

• Clean up after replacement of a failed component, to ensure the system is operating optimally

Look for the best solvent flushing agent that is specifically designed for automotive air conditioning. We recommend Hi-Cool Premium Flush – a true premium product that will improve system performance, without any residue.

To finish up, always give the air conditioning system a good vacuum with a 2-stage pump. Take care using solvents and always follow the manufacturer safety instructions.