The wait is over...

Over the last 50 years, Highgate Air has been there to support and back countless automotive air conditioning technicians right across Australia. Throughout that time our team has developed a deep passion for ensuring our customers can Experience Better and as a result allowing them to deliver a better experience to their customers.

As part of Highgate Air’s long-standing commitment to the Automotive and Heavy Duty air conditioning technicians of Australia - the team have developed a new suite of catalogues to suit each segment of the industry. The new range of catalogues ensure workshop managers and technicians across the nation can complete every job with ease. With so much more than part listings, the new catalogues feature over 2,000 gas charge listings, a new comprehensive vehicle application guide and an extensive technical guide.

The king in the new suite of catalogues is the full version, housing 1,075 pages of tailored value, clearly segregating general automotive from trucks, heavy duty and agricultural vehicles. As our team at Highgate Air constantly strive to deliver meaningful and relevant solutions to the industry, we have developed a specific Heavy Vehicle Air Conditioning Catalogue as a stripped back version of the full catalogue. It still houses the comprehensive gas charge guide and the technical guide and they have also included all the truck and ute listings.

Having strong partnerships with various training facilities across the nation, Highgate Air also developed the Tools and Equipment edition. Specifically tailored for both, those who are educating the future of our industry and the new technicians learning the ropes of vehicle air conditioning.