Designed to suit endless applications, electric compressors are compact units powered by 12 & 24 Volts. With their 3 speed options (2000-6000 rpm) it is possible to achieve optimal cooling with conservative power consumption. 

Say goodbye to belts, engine pulleys and having to engineer mount brackets – electric compressors allow you endless opportunities to create air conditioning systems with ease.

Cooling solutions are now limited only by your imagination, create a comfortable environment in on-road OR off-road vehicles. Adaptive to a limitless stem of applications, an electric compressor allows you scope to fit air conditioning into any vehicle.

MINING & HEAVY DUTY: Combine an electric compressor and a RedDOT rooftop unit specifically designed for use on heavy, medium and light duty trucks, construction and agricultural cabs. This is a fully contained unit including condenser and evaporator core.

ROAD TRUCKS: Marry a condenser and evaporator combo with your electric compressor to beat the noise of a diesel driven engine, keep the sleeper cab cool while the engine is switched off and save hundreds of dollars in diesel.

AUTOMOTIVE: We can help you find a custom solution for a huge range of automotive vehicles including classic, collector cars, limousines, hearses and so much more.