Have you noticed that problem solving is our thing?

Ryan came to the Highgate team needing to mount an A/C unit to a mining vehicle. As the vehicle is a low-profile unit, spending a majority of its time underground. Due to the roll over protection, he was not allowed to tamper with the roof structure - his only option was to mount it to the back of the cab. 

With our range and knowledge of heavy duty A/C units, we were able to offer Ryan a compact and powerful Red Dot remote mount Condenser unit and wall mount Evaporator unit to result in a quality and effective A/C system that would withstand the most rugged conditions.

We have recently added to our range 12 & 24V Electric compressors, that can be mounted just about anywhere (no pulleys or belts required) – endless possibilities.

With their 3 speed options (2000-6000 rpm) it is possible to achieve optimal cooling with conservative power consumption. The Digital controller is mounted internally within the main housing and remains cooled by the suction flood back to the compressor. This also cools the internal brushless motor to operate the internal drive system.

Pretty impressive huh…

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