Sick of making new hoses for trucks and machinery just to have them leak within a year? Put these frustrations to rest and boost your reputation with the use of the Eaton E-Z Clip solution.

The Eaton E-Z Clip solution is purpose built for high vibration environments, and the Lokclip kit is your perfect all-rounder if you work across multiple industries.

Our team is dedicated to finding the solutions that best suits YOU and your business.We will always ask a range of questions to ensure you are purchasing the right part and the right tools for your job.

The Eaton E-Z clip hose repair system was built specifically for high vibration environments. Air conditioning technicians who work across trucks, agricultural, mining, busses and any other system that travels with high vibration.

Its engineered hose and fitting connection exceeds SAE J2064 requirements and has been vibration and impulse tested. Eaton E-Z Clip fittings are an easy-to-install, high-quality clip system, utilising a barb with two o-rings and two clips that crimp down on the hose. They are designed to use only Eaton GH134W Thin-wall hose. 

 Watch customer Bryn demonstraight just how easy the Eaton E-Z clip hose repair solution is >