Can I or Can't I?

The new and latest condenser that is being used very widely on systems since 1994 is called a parallel flow or multi-flow condenser. These condensers are recognisable by two larger vertical tubes on each end with a finer tube running horizontal.

Due to the flow of refrigerant entering one of the larger vertical tubes and then being distributed it is very easy for foreign material to enter and block one of the horizontal tubes and immediately reduce the efficiency.

Flush will find it’s easiest route and any blocked tubes will not be cleaned. Therefore, it is impossible to flush this type of condenser, unlike a Modine or ‘Tube and Fin’ condensers which have one continuous loop and the flush will completely flow through every tube.

Tube & Fin Condenser

The original automotive air-conditioning condenser – ‘tube and fin’, consists of a continuous round section tube, usually of copper, with aluminum finning to allow easy transfer of heat to the atmosphere.

Modine Condenser

The modine condenser consists of a multi-section flat aluminum tube in serpentine configuration, again with aluminum finning for efficient transfer of heat.

Parallel Flow Condenser

Also called multiflow, this condenser may look similar to either the tube & fin or the modine, but is constructed so that refrigerant flows into a number of the horizontal tubes simultaneously, so a whole section of the condenser receives refrigerant from the inlet, usually about one third of the condenser or more.