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Here are your FAQs around system lubrication

Can you mix oils?

Blending of different oil types within an A/C system may lead to the formation of paraffin. This can block the flow of refrigerant, leading to seizure of the compressor and an overall system failure.

Quality VS Quantity?

Too much can lead to poor performance where-as too little oil leads to lack of lubrication and results in component damage.

 What do I do with a hybrid vehicle?

Electric A/C compressors in hybrid vehicles are powered by an internal electric motor and require an oil as non-conductive as possible because it can come into contact with live electrical parts. OI-29625 is recommended.

What is the correct amount of oil to use?

 Essential action when removing a compressor:

    •  After recovery of refrigerant:  When removing refrigerant, some compressor oil will be mixed with the refrigerant and will be removed from the refrigerant circuit together with the refrigerant. It is essential that this oil is drained off at the A/C service station and its volume measured precisely. The volume drained need to be charged to the refrigerant cycle when refilling with refrigerant.
    • After removal of the old compressor: Drain the oil from the compressor and measure the amount. Check the compressor installation guide for the appropriate oil drain procedure.

Caution! Between 30-50% of the total oil quantity should be drained. Otherwise, the system could be overcharged from refilling with too much compressor oil or UV leak dye during A/C service. 3 to 5cc of UV leak dye is tolerated for systems up to 1000 gram of refrigerant!


Oil distribution within the A/C system:

 (reference values, varying depending on outside temperature and engine load)


Do I need to do anything different with R1234YF?

Speciality PAG oil is required for systems with R1234YF. OI-2655 is most commonly recommended, however if you need more claification around this topic, Highgate can assist you with this, contact us for more details.

What happens with recovery?

When recovering refrigerant, oil will also be removed. Recovery equipment should include an oil separator so that the oil lost during recovery can be measured, in order to be able to add the correct amount back into the system.   

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