A Synthetic A/C Lubricant Enhancer, HI-COOLTM uses state-of-the-art lubricant technology to increase the operating efficiency of a car’s air conditioner. Resulting in up to 15% faster cooling down when you start the car on a hot day, and up to 15% cooler vent temperatures while you drive.

HI-COOLtm creates a lasting boundary lubricant on the surface of all metal components of the air conditioner, including the compressor. This reduces heat caused by friction, gives a smoother surface for less drag, suppresses foaming and creates a greater load-bearing shield. HI-COOLtm also improves heat transfer by minimising lubricant migration on the heat exchange surfaces of the evaporator and condenser. By eliminating the energy-robbing barriers caused by stagnant oil build-up and carbon deposits, the system requires less energy and cools more efficiently.

Main Features:

• Penetrates / rejuvenates o-rings, seals and

• flexible pipe

• Can also be used for hoses, o-rings and rubber

• parts

• Lower friction, less compressor wear

• Better heat transfer, less engine drag

• Stops oxidation and sludge build up

• Improved system efficiency

• Cooler vent temperatures

• Faster cooling

• Easy to inject