How $5 saved a major headache

 We recently had an A/C tech with a fairly routine service job travelling a couple of hours to reach his customer.

We supplied a compressor and drier and although not asked for, we suggested he also replace the orifice tube as it would be full of contaminants. He reluctantly bought one, and after traveling hours to the job, pulled out the existing tube and sure enough it was full of rubbish!

The $5 cost for a spare orifice tube saved hours of travel and resulted in a happy, much cooler customer first time round! As a team, we will always do our best to add value and service, working with you to solve your AC problems.

A lot of our customers also work in rural areas, where travelling 100’s of kms to their customers is standard. We understand how important it is that we supply the right parts and service, to make your life easier, especially when a mistake can result in half a days driving back and forth!

Highgate Air – we don’t just supply parts.