So we tell you Hi-Cool is a great product, but what is it that makes it so great?

There is actually a bit of nifty science behind Hi-Cool, and it is a product that your clients will thank you for using! 

So here it goes...


Hi-CoolTM is an A/C system additive designed to improve performance. It works by removing oil sludge/ build-up from the wall of heat exchangers and other system components.



Hi-CoolTM cleans the build up from all internal metal surfaces and creates a lasting elastro-hydrodynamic lubricant barrier on the surfaces of all metal parts of the air conditioner, including the compressor.

This stops any new build-up on the surfaces, reduces heat caused by friction, gives a smoother surface for less drag and speeds up refrigerant flow. It also suppresses foaming and creates a greater load bearing shield.

Hi-CoolTM also improves heat transfer by minimizing lubricant migration on the heat exchanger surfaces of the evaporator and condenser. By eliminating the energy- robbing barriers caused by stagnant oil and carbon deposit, the system requires less energy and cools more efficiently. This means faster cooling down when the car starts on a hot day and cooler vent temperatures when the car is running and moving.

Hi-CoolTM comes with and without dye and is available with a unique injection system which makes adding to systems that are even fully charged with refrigerant, easy.

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