This week we spoke to Dave, who works in the Automotive industry in a workshop-only set up. And Adam who works in the agricultural and truck industries in both mobile and workshops. 

Here's what they had to say:

Why did you invest in a Loktracer Kit?


I was talking to Gino who told me about it, and at the time I had a leak that I couldn’t find. He offered me the Loktracer as a solution, to start with I was apprehensive about the solution.

But I also had feedback from other technicians who already had a kit and raved about it.


Got to the point where nitro wasn’t doing it for me anymore – they could find big obvious leaks but wasn’t accurate enough.

At the time I had a Kenworth truck with a suspected evaporator leak. After spending 6 hours pulling the system apart.. there wasn’t even a leak there so I needed an accurate solution. 

How has the Loktracer Kit changed the leak detection process for you?


It is a ton easier to use the Loktracer Kit!

 I often use the kit on jobs where no one else has been able to find the leak. Most commonly on jobs with evaporator leaks. I use the dye and light method for the more obvious leaks. If I can’t identify the leak with those, then I’ll use the Loktracer Kit.

 I think it is great, anyone should buy one.


Previously it was all just nitro or the normal refrigerant detectors.

Now we have been able to chase the hard to find leaks that we haven’t been able to previously find! When we could have previously had two or three goes at finding a leak – we now find it straight up!

 Hi-Trace gas is the way to go – the normal refrigerant electronic leak detectors are a thing of the past - put a dirty sock over it and they go off... !

 It is a good set up, really recommend it.

What financial benefit have you seen?


I bought the kit six months ago and I have already paid it off. We are now making pure profit from each service!


We paid the tool off in the first week of owning the tool! Actually, I think we want to get another kit so our technicians aren’t fighting over who gets to use it!

How many services do you get out of each tracer gas Disposable bottle?


We’ve been getting about 4-5 cars out of each bottle.


For trucks, I use 150psi and get three systems out of each bottle.

 For tractors, I pump in about 100-120psi, wait 15 minutes and then start going around with the detector. We usually get about 4 tractors out of each bottle.