Hi-Cool ™  is an easy, effective value adding tool to include in your Level Up tool kit this off season. Start offering your customers up to 15% faster cooling efficiency and 15% cooler vent temperatures while you drive.

Hi-Cool™ is a system additive designed to improve system performance. It works by removing oil sludge/build-up from the wall of heat exchangers and other system components. 

Results found include:

• Cabin air stays cooler, and less humid - up to 15% cooler

• Faster cool down on hot days - up to 15% cooler

• Uses less energy to keep cool, faster refrigerant flow, and more efficient heat exchange

• Longer compressor life;- better lubricity, lower friction, less wear, longer life

• Reduced leakage – conditions hoses, seals and o-rings

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After a period of time, the internal surfaces of the pipework of condensers and evaporators in any air conditioning system will accumulate oily, gummy deposits, which restrict the flow of refrigerant and also reduce the system’s ability to perform and cool. The result is that the air conditioner works harder and uses more energy for less cooling.


Hi-Cool™ cleans the build up from all internal metal surfaces and creates a lasting elastro-hydrodynamic lubricant barrier on the surfaces of all metal parts of the air conditioner, including the compressor. This stops any new build up on the surfaces, reduces heat caused by friction, gives a smoother surface for less drag and speeds up refrigerant flow. It also suppresses foaming and creates a greater load bearing shield.



A customer sent in these before and after photos of a Hi-Cool™ test on their Fendt Tractor during Summer. Even on a well performing VW Passat A/C system (4.4°c), another customer reported a 15% drop!