While some leaks are easily identifiable, other, smaller hard-to-find leaks can drive you constantly into a wall. We have a tool that will put a stop to those frustrations - The Loktracer - a reliable, effective and responsible solution, to make your leak detecting life easier.

Conventional leak detection systems such as UV Dye, electronic refrigerant leak detectors and nitrogen can unfortunately all be hit-and-miss.

UV dye has to have a large enough size leak for dye and/or oil to be forced out and also requires the system be charged with refrigerant. This method also requires the technician to be able to visually see the leak, usually with the help of a UV lamp. This means that leaks in inaccessible locations, such as evaporators behind the dashboard, are impossible to locate using this method.

Electronic refrigerant leak detectors are improving all the time, however, have a history of being unreliable due to detecting other fumes not related to the refrigerant. This method also requires the system to be charged which can mean that harmful refrigerant is being leaked to the atmosphere. Also, R134a is heavier than air, which means that it drops below the leak.

Nitrogen has been a partial success in that the system doesn’t need to be charged and with the use of Big Blu leak solution, can find small leaks. However, this method also requires the technician to be able to visually locate the leak, proving useless in locations hidden from sight.

The huge advantage of the Loktracer Leak detection system is that this method will almost certainly find a leak, even if it is in an out-of-sight position. The Loktracer system combines all the strengths of the conventional leak detection methods into one reliable package.

It works with pressurising the A/C system with a tracer gas which is a mixture of a small percentage of hydrogen to suitable dry nitrogen. Once pressurised, then technician then tests for a leak with an electronic detector to detect the hydrogen to identify a leak source. This is conducted bypressurizing a system using a nitrogen style regulator and then detecting with the correct tracer gas leak detector.

A standard style electronic detector will not detect the Loktrace Tracer Gas.

Advantages of the Loktrace system

German-made electronic leak detector has very low cross-sensitivity as it has been specially developed to only detect the tracer gas – this ultimately means you can be confident that when it goes off, it sure is a leak!

Leak detector has sensitivity levels to enable you to narrow down to exactly where the leak is

No need to charge with R134a to locate the leak – environmentally friendly

Save time – leaks can be detected even in out-of-sight locations such as evaporators – these can be detected through the vents. No need to spend hours to remove components just to leak-check!

The tracer gas is lighter than air and rises above the leak, meaning that leaks can be detected from above - Sensor on the detector is self-cleaning, and has no filter or pump – no maintenance. The only consumable is the tracer gas

A happier customer – you fix the leaks the first time! Become a specialist A/C repairer in your area.

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