Marcos is our Product Marketing Manager, who joined us 7 years ago, having travelled 17,085km from Porto, Portugal.

Much like his marketing style, Marcos likes to keep things interesting!

He has lived in 3 different countries and ran his own Marketing business in Portugal, but says the ultimate adventure has been the arrival of his 2 children in the last 5 years.

Just like his travels, Marcos has had an exceptional journey here at Highgate Air, starting as Marketing Coordinator before advancing into a Management role and expanding our marketing team, before specialising in product marketing.

Marcos has seen a lot of change within the business, and says “change and the ability to adapt is one of the most important things in life, because life, the world, everything, is ever-changing and evolving.“ 

This sentiment is shared by the business, and the reason we invest heavily in our Research and Development teams. It is vital we have new and innovative solutions and processes as a business and in the market that represents time and cost savings for our clients. Our weekly communications and informative blog postings (like this one!) also keep our clients up to date on innovative air conditioning solutions in the automotive industry.

On the weekends you will find Marcos with his family at the beach, eating a  Francezinha, Marcos’ favourite Portuguese dish (burger), unwinding with a game of soccer. Marcos brings this passion to work every day, combined with a stellar work ethic.

In a busy world, Marcos also reminds us to pause and take stock. He says it is important to know where you started, reflect on the lessons and apply them moving forward.

“There are big changes coming and we have fantastic new initiatives planned for Highgate Air in 2019 - we look forward to sharing them as the year progresses.“

Of all the places Marcos has lived, we are glad he chose to settle in Adelaide and we are grateful for everything Marcos has bought to Highgate Air.

We look forward to everything to come!