Rachael Lewis has joined the Highgate Air Sales team in February 2018 in the role of Sales Administrator, adding a welcomed dash of pink to the office. Rachael is the Golden Nugget (or should we say The Pink Nugget?) in the Highgate Air sales team.

Dotting the i's and crossing the t's, processing orders, solving problems, and ensuring customers and team members are happy alike!

In between her busy day-to-day tasks, she always puts her hand up for the ‘extra stuff’. Some of you would have been able to experience her work in the product launch of the Agricold last year and throughout the recent migration of ERP systems. Rachael worked closely with the internal project team to ensure a smooth transition. This meant that minimal disruption was felt by our customers.

Asking her team colleagues about Rachael, a common response was that she is the woman to ‘go above and beyond to help people throughout the business’. So, it comes as no surprise that Rachael has been a recipient of our High-Cura Hero award in the past – our internal monthly recognition program to acknowledge and reward exceptional work.

When Rachael isn’t busy at her desk or whizzing around the office, you can find her at the beach, at a BBQ with family & friends or 4WDing around the outback, in a well air-conditioned car, of course!

When asked about what she likes most about her work, it was a straight answer: “Definitely the people I work with!” When you work with Highgate Air, you work with a team of passionate people who make it their mission to make our customers’ lives easier. In return, amongst many other things, we get cake, something Rachael also rates highly! A cake for every birthday celebrated in the Highgate Air family.