Are you a mobile AC Tech?

There is a reason the Swiss have such a good reputation when it comes to product design and technology, and the REFCO Hand Carry Charging Station is no exception. Offering the perfect solution for technicians on the move, the TO-73217 compactness makes it easy to transport, without compromising on its heavy-duty design. Withstanding tough Australian conditions, the TO-73217 is great for A/C work on trucks, tractors, cars and heavy-duty machinery.

Who doesn’t like a powerful Vac pump? The 142 litre per minute vacuum pump has plenty of grunt, offering a ½ horsepower motor. A feature you will love is the large vacuum gauge. You now have a whole dedicated gauge for leaks after vacuuming down a system (in addition to a 4-tap Swiss made manifold) – rather than squinting to see whether the low side gauge has moved. Address even the smallest leaks on the spot and leave behind happy customers every time.

The Swiss did not mess around with the production of this unit, and it joins an impressive line-up of exclusive REFCO products in the Highgate Air range. With too many notable features to list here, give our team a call for expert technical advice today. Our Highgate account holders enjoy exclusive deals, expert advice, stock on hand and that “extra mile” in customer service.

Refco Hand Carry Charging Station, 4687819, 12900-ECO-5-PM-KPA-R1234yf-CCL-72-J2888

• 1/2 horse power motor
• Great for cars, trucks and heavy duty mining and agricultural machinery
• 4-way manifold crafted from single piece of aircraft grade aluminium
• Swiss made
• Accurate readings
• Heavy duty hose perfect for tough Australian conditions
• 142litre per minute vacuum pump