Highgate Air is committed to the growth of our industry, and ensuring our customers stay ahead of the game, we have sourced two new products that are sure to help you run a little smoother. 

Get ready to pre-order the Thermal Imaging tool to save you time and hassle! 

See the unseeable - be it a collapsed hose or an internally-blocked condenser the Flir One Pro LT offers a massive help in locating those frustrating internal blockages in the system. 

A simple smart phone camera add-on, the pocked sized unit is build to handle a drop from 1.8 meters - tough enough for any environment ! 

Pre-order yours today by filling out the form below:

The Refmate wireless manifold gauges are HERE!

Allowing quick access to refrigerants by setting your favorite settings, data which is kept up-to-date for free to ensure you are staying ahead of the game!

Shop the gauges here