A 4-IN-1 station carries out the 4 processes of recovery, recycling, vacuum, and recharging of an A/C system. This gives you the abiity to set up the service, press the button and walk away.

And now, the new Oksys 4-IN-1 Stations come with the bluetooth connectivity as a standard feature. Meaning you can keep tabs on the status of the service and much more from your Android smart phone.

The new range of Oksys stations brought to you by Highgate Air connect to a dedicated app called “Oksygen,” available on Android devices. Simple to use, easily pair your app to the unit via bluetooth. Once paired, the app features useful information on the unit status, job progress and activity reports.

| The app maintains a logbook of every service, which can also be shared via email either individually or as a whole.

| Check your unit status quickly and easily, without having to be in front of the machine.

| Whilst paired to the unit, the app will show your current service function settings. If you start the service on the unit, the app will show the progress simultaneously.