At the begining of 2021, Highgate Air was told that new Toyota models due to arrive in Australia mid-year would be built with R1234yf systems. At the time, dealerships around Australia are being encouraged to ensure they are equipped with R1234yf equipment so they can service them.

We can now confirm that the first of the new Toyota models has arrived in Australia and is for sale around the nation. The new model Totota Kluger launched in the past week and our team were able to check out the new car, enbabling Highgate Air to confirm the system is R1234yf built. You can check out the full range of images below. 

R1234yf is classified as an A2L mildly flammable refrigerant, hence technicians are required to have equipment specifically designed for working with R1234yf.

R134a Automatic machines and/or manual equipment that are not A2L rated cannot be used to service vehicles with R1234yf refrigerant.

What you'll need to be set up:

Full Service Equipment

Full service units allow you to be multi-functional throughout your service. Running the recovery, recycling, vacuum and recharge process. Due to the cost of this refrigerant, it would be advisable to ensure you have the ability to recycle where possible. Two of our most popular machines for R1234yf are:

Agricold R1234yf - On Road Ready

Fast 322yf





Alternative Equipment


A/C R1234yf Starter Kit

Refrigerant Identifier





Images of the all new Toyota Kluger R1234yf System