Time is money. And whichever way you look at it, vehicles don’t create a return while they’re sitting in the yard for repair or maintenance. We understand your priority to minimise downtime and have put together our top 4 tips of how Highgate Air can help you achieve exactly that.



Tip 2: How to repair hose leaks fast and for the long-term

If you’re sick of making new hoses for your trucks, tractors or mining vehicles only to have them leak again shortly after, you can’t go past the Eaton E-Z clip solution . It’s second to none when it comes to hose repair in vehicles operating in high vibration environments. It wins hands down over rigid tubing, with no guess work or leaking crimps. You can do the job once and do it right, the first time. Similar in concept to the Lokring, the Eaton E-Z clip uses a barb with two o-rings and two clips that crimp down on the hose, creating an unbeatable seal.

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Tip 3: How to increase the lifespan of parts

If your fleet operates in harsh environments, the wear and consequently the lifespan of parts can be significantly impacted by this. We offer a number of solutions that have a significant impact on increasing lifespan of parts.