1.       Team up with your trusted supplier

Working with a supplier you can depend on when the heat gets turned up makes the difference throughout summer. We are committed for you to Experience Better.

With Highgate Air, you can count on same day dispatch*, a large range with high stock levels, unmatched technical support and a new “no quibbles” policy on returns and warranty claims with upfront replacement within our Terms & Conditions.

Doing business with Highgate Air this summer is about to get even more rewarding. We’ll be paying you back for every dollar you spend (Ts&Cs apply. Stay tuned for Highgate Air’s ToolTokens launching very soon.

2.       Set up your online account

Who’s got time to wait on the phone?! Jump the queue and order anytime and anywhere in our online store or via our iOS and Android apps.

When you set up your online account, if you haven’t already, you unlock access to a wide range of our digital tools. You can search parts by VIN number, access our application guides for automotive, agriculture and heavy duty vehicles and utilise our handy gas charge and hose fitting guides on the go.

ü  Make sure your account is set up. Register here if you haven’t got your account set up yet

ü  Download the Android or iOS app or use the shop on our website (link)

ü  Login online 24/7 and place your order, check pricing or use our hand parts guide, VIN search or gas charge guide

3.       Stock your workshop

Ensuring you have a good stock level of all the basic consumables before the rush hits will ensure you don’t run out when you need it the most! Keep an eye out for our Pre-Season Special landing soon with lots of great deals.

Have you been keeping your records up to date? Get this sorted while the shop is a little quieter and while you have a minute to breathe to ensure you are ready for the case where you get an ARC audit.

Doing a stocktake of your workshop consumables before the season hits ensures you have adequate stock! As we all know, the cooling system can dry out over the winter months, so make sure your refrigerant levels are high and ready to tackle the influx of re-gasses in the coming months.

Top up your Hi-Cool, oil and o-ring levels – nothing worse than running out mid job!

4.       Update and refresh your tools and equipment

It is time to update your tool kit, and make sure everything is in running order! Would you be able to be more productive with a fully automatic machine, or does that manifold set need an upgrade?

Leaks are one of the most common problem with A/Cs, make sure you have the most time efficient and accurate tool to make your summer a breeze with the a Loktrace Hydrogen Leak detector kit. Notch it up with the Lokring & Lokclip kit, the ultimate hose repair solution, and you will be able to identify a leak and fix the problem without a hassle!

As we start seeing more cars come through with R1234yf, have you set yourself up with the equipment you need to service these cars?