An important part of getting Ready4Summer is establishing the network of partners that will make you WIN this summer! This includes everyone involved in keeping your business running like a well oiled machine when you don’t have the time to make costly and time consuming adjustments. Establishing and securing a network of reliable partners ahead of time will get your jobs completed faster and more efficiently. Let’s start by taking a look at how to select your preferred supplier(s).

We recommend you sit down with your favourite beverage and a pen in hand and download or print out our Supplier Checklist . Now get your imagination going and fast forward a few weeks. Scribble down what comes to mind with regards to what’s going to be important to you. This will look slightly different for everyone but there are a range of factors that will likely have a tremendous effect on your success. Think through the suppliers you normally buy from and start to rate them and make notes against them. The below list should get you started (plus we’ve pre-filled a few key points in regards to Highgate Air to make this quicker for you).

Let’s be honest, when you order parts, you needed them yesterday. While we can’t wind back time, we try to make a lot of magic happen and are committed to having orders delivered to you either on the same day or the next business day*, depending on where you are located. We work tirelessly to constantly improve and refine the speed in which we deliver as we know how important it is to your success. Why can we deliver our goods faster than most of our competitors? We can’t share all the secrets, but in essence, we are doing our due diligence in terms of the preferred partners we work with and where we can, we run our own deliveries. We have just opened a new distribution centre in WA and are servicing 5 delivery runs every day across metropolitan Adelaide and Perth, which is further testament of our commitment. 

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  • *Ordered before 3:15pm ACST for parts in stock. Some remote areas may take 2-3 business days.

If you need a part, we know you can’t wait. Delays are costly. Hence, our aim is to stock what we sell including a large range of “hard to find” parts. This is how we guarantee same day dispatch. Through careful planning and the willingness to carry the risk and the cost on our customers’ behalf, we manage to consistently source parts and keep them in stock for you, even throughout a pandemic that causes widespread material and parts shortages. Our fill rate confirms this and has remained at a high 93% average!

There is no way around it, money is important when it comes to business. Speaking in general business terms, the more share of your business you commit to one supplier, the better your rates should be. That’s a powerful leverage in your pocket. At Highgate Air, our offering is priced competitively but we go further than this. Our loyalty program Highgate Rewards is in its third year and has become popular with our loyal customers. What does it do you for you? You’re being rewarded for every dollar you spend with us between now and the end of March 2022. Your rewards points accumulate and you can redeem them at any point in time on a range of eligible A/C tools, Milwaukee tools or lifestyle products. So you can either re-invest in your business or treat yourself - the choice is yours. It’s completely transparent and it’s designed to give you peace of mind that whatever you source from Highgate Air pays back into your pocket.

Stuck on an issue? Not sure where to turn for help? Our support doesn’t stop once we have delivered your order. We have the in-house technical support capabilities to assist you in every step of the job, from sourcing the right parts at the start of your job to helping you tackle diagnostic issues. We also provide an extensive list of resources from gas charge guides and tech tips to regular A/C training and networking sessions for our customers, so you can continue to evolve and re-fresh your A/C knowledge.

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