The Launch of the High-Cura Hero! – Contributing to our culture code

Towards the end of 2018, Highgate Air launched an internal recognition system to highlight the emphasis we put as a business and as a team on living out our company values of loyalty, humility, honesty and excellence.

After a fierce naming competition by our team with many great entries, the “High-Cura Hero” was born! The logo, designed by our in-house marketing team, shows that not all heroes wear capes! 

“Our company culture is integral to our overall success and makes the difference between an alright place to work, and a great place. Like one of our values, we strive for excellence!”  - CEO, Brad Joyce.

We invite our team to nominate their peers every month to be our “High-Cura Hero.” In a busy world, it’s our way of recognising exceptional work within our team.

Our hero each month receives a gift card of $300, a full valet car wash and VIP parking, and half a day off from work to take when they choose. We know extra time to spend with family and friends, or just go for a long lunch or shopping means a lot to our team. Whatever they chose to do, the time is on us!

Our high standard of customer service is a natural extension of our internal culture and values. When you work with Highgate Air, you work with a team of passionate people who make it their mission to make your working life easier.

It’s important to celebrate!

Check out our gallery below of the fun things we do as a team, including lunch on us every Friday, bacon and egg roll breakfasts, epic Christmas celebrations, work anniversaries, birthday cakes and more!