Your fittings cheat sheet

Identify which fitting you need on your air conditioning system without discharging the system.



The Female o-ring nut has a small chamfer on the front shoulder & a step down at the rear.


The Female Metric nut has a Step down at the front, small notches in the centre & chamfered shoulders at the rear


The Metric Captive nut has a small chamfer on the front shoulders & notches in the centre


The Female Flare nut has a small chamfer on the front shoulders & also on the rear shoulders.


The york compressor has two style of fittings:


Rotoloc nut has a step down at the front



The Tube O has small cut outs on each hex Note: Can also be found on Sanden and other brand compressors.



One image saves the day!

Recently we had a customer with a late model Scania Fire Truck who thought he may need a Flare Fitting, but couldn’t be sure.

We asked him to send through an image (right) so we could ensure we supplied the right part, the first time.

After inspecting the image, we determined he infact needed a Female O-ring fitting. One question saved us sending through the wrong part!

Note: Fittings can be different without notice, however this provides a guide. If any doubt, best way is to recover refrigerant, remove fitting & confirm