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PART N°: TO-65250

Hi-Pure Air Purifier air cleansing machine for a modest investment, and no consumable costs, you get a highly profitable new customer service proposition. The purifer eliminates odours such as smoke, mildew, and cooking smells, and also seeks out harmful bacteria and allergens in every nook and cranny by permeating the fabrics of upholstery, seats, roof linings and trim, as well as the air circulation system.

The key problem is that moisture in the air collects on the evaporator core’s external surfaces where it condenses into water. Most water drains out, but some stays put. When the car is not running, the dark, wet and warm evaporator chamber is an ideal breeding environment for the moulds and bacteria which cause unpleasant odours, often reminiscent of ‘old socks’ or ‘dead mouse’. As the mould matures it gives off spores, which join bacteria, pollen and other particles that dislodge to join the airflow into your nasal passages and lungs as you breathe. Take-away food, smoking, dogs, and other factors may also cause odours to build up.

Hi-Pure Air Purifier uses the power of ozone to eliminate bad smells, smoke, mildew, bacteria and allergens. It creates ozone using short wave ultra violet inside a chamber within the machine. Ozone is one of the most powerful and effective eliminators of tobacco smoke and many other contaminants, including odours from pets, rodents, mould, mildew, fast food, cooking and other sources. Eliminating these hazards provides a healthier, more comfortable living environment in the car, van, truck, tractor, caravan or boat. And if you’ve already tried ultrasonic misters, you’ll like Purifier much more.

Treating a vehicle takes just 30 minutes:

  • No consumables, so more profit on each job
  • No chemicals or REACH compliance to worry about
  • Leaves a medically safer in-car environment
  • Kills bacteria, destroys mould spores
  • Eliminates bad smells and odours, smoke and smoky residues
  • Leaves a freshened interior
  • Variable electronic timer control with LCD and auto shut off
  • Machine is off when you re-enter treatment area

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