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Credit Application

Credit Application

Credit Application

Highgate offers businesses the possibility of purchasing under a 30 day credit account. To apply for a 30 day credit account facility, the Highgate Credit Application Form must be completed by the applicant. In this form, you are required to provide 3 references. We advise all applicants to read our Terms and Conditions of trade before submiting a credit application.

Please note that a credit application normally take 5-10 days to process. If you require urgent assistance, please do not hesitate and call 1800 15 15 15 or contact Highgate via Live Chat and speak to one of Highgate's friendly staff members.

Credit Application Form

For your convinience, we can provide you with a Fillable PDF form. Please note that after you have completed this form, you will be required to print, sign, and post or personally deliver the form to Highgate.

To download the Highgate Credit Application Form, please click here.