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In the light of recent industry developments, ensuring your air conditioning servicing tools and equipment are up to speed has never been more crucial. As we step into a more regulated environment, the need for compliance and excellence in the air conditioning industry becomes paramount, particularly with the growing use of R1234yf refrigerant, ARC obligations and focus on technician safety.

It is well known that the air conditioning industry has been in transition from R134a to R1234yf for some time, but this year we’re seeing a significant increase in heavy and light vehicles - including trucks and machinery - arriving with R1234yf.

The importance of being prepared for these changes cannot be understated in order for a business to continue its service to its customers and retain its hard-earned reputation. As the end of the financial year approaches, the timing couldn’t be any better for every business to upgrade their toolkit. There is opportunity for a business to leverage any potential tax benefits such as the continued Instant $20,000 Asset Write-Off tax benefit for a business with an aggregated turnover of less than $10 million (speak to your registered accountant for more information on your eligibility) - at the same time as being prepared for the upcoming R1234yf services and repairs, that could roll in on your next job.

Additionally, the increasing skilled labour shortages make it essential to consider investing in automated servicing solutions such as 4-in-1 (RRR) stations to achieve more with less labour. These advanced machines minimise the need for manual intervention, thereby reducing the dependency on skilled technicians and ensuring a consistent, high-quality and efficient A/C servicing process, while at the same time improving safety for technicians.

At Highgate Air, our focus is to support our customers with a cutting-edge range of air conditioning tools and equipment from global industry leaders, ensuring you have access to the best solutions that make your job safer, easier, and faster. We’re dedicated to help you keep those light vehicles, trucks, agricultural and earthmoving machinery where they all belong—digging, moving, harvesting and transporting.

We would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the many customers that have partnered with Highgate Air since 1969, and a warm welcome for those who are coming on board for the first time.

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Martin Joyce

Highgate Air Director

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  1. Part N°: SKO-28508

  2. Part N°: SKO-28610

  3. Part N°: TO-25300

  4. Part N°: TO-38673

  5. Part N°: TO-51080

  6. Part N°: TO-51087

  7. Part N°: TO-51580

  8. Part N°: TO-63340

  9. Part N°: TO-64223

  10. Part N°: TO-69202

  11. Part N°: TO-73236

  12. Part N°: TO-73288

  13. Part N°: TO-73295

  14. Part N°: TO-75125

  15. Part N°: TO-75871

  16. Part N°: TO-51082

  17. Part N°: TO-73382

  18. Part N°: TO-25490-DKIT

  19. Part N°: TO-73800-KIT

  20. Part N°: TO-51205

  21. Part N°: TO-51206

  22. Part N°: TO-79860

  23. Part N°: TO-25671

  24. Part N°: TO-25378

  25. Part N°: TO-26450

  26. Part N°: TO-25380

  27. Part N°: TO-31894

  28. Part N°: TO-62190

  29. Part N°: TO-73327

  30. Part N°: TO-73326

  31. Part N°: TO-73312

  32. Part N°: TO-69160

  33. Part N°: TO-62175

  34. Part N°: TO-62180

  35. Part N°: TO-62185

  36. Part N°: TO-73357

  37. Part N°: TO-73353

  38. Part N°: TO-25377

  39. Part N°: HFF-95600-KIT

  40. Part N°: TO-73326-YF

  41. Part N°: TO-28780-KIT

  42. Part N°: TO-28790-KIT

  43. Part N°: TO-25379

  44. Part N°: TO-73318

  45. Part N°: TO-73318-YF

  46. Part N°: TO-73320

  47. Part N°: HA-44900-KIT

  48. Part N°: TO-31777

  49. Part N°: HFF-95650-KIT

  50. Part N°: TO-73804-KIT

  51. Part N°: TO-73805-KIT

  52. Part N°: TO-74030-KIT

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