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How often should you replace a filter or receiver drier?

It is a cardinal principle to replace the receiver drier or dessicant bag whenever a system is serviced or open to the atmosphere - as per the Australian Code of Practice. Read more to find out...

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3 Simple Steps

We have 3 simple steps that will help you make more money, and have more happy customers.
Read more and find out how to get your customers smiling from ear to ear!

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Why flush an AC system?

It is appalling the number of systems we come across in our time in the field where compressors have been replaced, sometimes more than 3-4 times and the system has never been flushed! Can you imagine not only the filings and contamination, but the sheer glut of oil in the system. Why? Read more to find out...

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Lokring & Lokclip


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Highgate Lokring Fitting Solution saves the day! When Des needed a condenser for a Mitsubishi truck recently he called genuine and not only was it really expensive, but it was ex Japan and over 2 weeks away! This customer needed his truck running (this was his livelihood !) – and he needed the aircon running!

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Have you come across R1234yf?

Everybody would now have heard of the new R1234yf (HFO1234yf) that is here in Australia and soon to become the mainstream refrigerant used in all new cars. In this article, we will cut to the chase, simply tell you where things are at and what equipment you need to be R1234yf ready!

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Would you be ready for an ARC audit?

Would you be ready for an ARC audit? Not sure? We have arranged the top 5 ARC Audit Checklist and we recommend you review, and make sure you conform to the ARC latest requirements.

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Vehicle Parts Guide

Faster results than Google, and the most accurate a/c parts searching tool in the industry, updated daily. Now you can instantly find exactly what you need using Highgate's innovative vehicle parts guide! You don't have to leave the home page to start adding to your cart, and you don't need to reselect all selections - just change model for example and you can research for parts. Make new selections on the fly, without having to reload the page. Highgate is all about making your life easier

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Are you prepared?

Are you prepared for the new season? Not sure? Then read more to find out if you have ticked every box, and make sure your ready for another successful season!

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Free Delivery Offer

At Highgate, we go the extra mile to get you on board, and help you get the Right Part, The First Time, Nationwide!

That’s why we are offering FREE Delivery on your first order – no matter how big or heavy your order is, it’s delivered FREE!

Are you already an existing Highgate Car Air customer?
No worries, we look after everyone - no exceptions!

Use this coupon “FREE-DEL-1ST-ORD” over the phone, fax or even online on our checkout page, and wait for the magic to happen right on your door step, in no time!

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