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Compressor Replacement Procedure

Note: this procedure assumes that the technician has a working knowledge of reclaiming, evacuation and recharging, and is qualified to handle refrigerants.
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Can you flush a multi-flow condenser?

The new and latest condenser that is being used very widely on systems since 1994 is called a parallel flow or multi-flow condenser. These condensers are recognisable by two larger vertical tubes on each end with a finer tube running horizontal.
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HI-COOL A/C System Additive from Highgate Car Air uses state-of-the-art lubricant technology to increase the operating efficiency of your car’s air conditioner. That means up to 15% faster cooling down when you start the car on a hot day, and up to 15% cooler vent temperatures while you drive.
A more efficient A/C needs less energy to achieve your chosen temperature level, so you can enjoy the comfort of a cooler, less humid car with a clear conscience.

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Agricold Launch

Refco Hand Carry Charging Station, 4687819, 12900-ECO-5-PM-KPA-R1234yf-CCL-72-J2888
Coming straight out of Italy, is the new Agricold machine. The latest in ground breaking technology and manufactured to the highest standards, the Agricold represents a significant advancement in mobile A/C servicing for the Agricultural and Heavy Duty Industry. Purpose built, service your machinery on the move with ease.

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Case Study - Failed Compressor

Locked up and billowing smoke, this failed compressor was pulled out of a John Deere 8870. If you want to see what happens when you replace a compressor without flushing the system, this is it!
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Are you a mobile A/C tech?

Refco Hand Carry Charging Station, 4687819, 12900-ECO-5-PM-KPA-R1234yf-CCL-72-J2888
There is a reason the Swiss have such a good reputation when it comes to product design and technology, and the REFCO Hand Carry Charging Station is no exception.
This is truly a highly recommended upgrade for all professionals. Read more, and make the move today.

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New Robinair Station

The new Robinair TO-73341 Premium A/C Machine combines ease of use and superior accuracy. It recovers, recycles, evacuates, leak tests and recharges R-134a vehicle systems quickly and accurately. The fully automatic function will recover, vacuum, leak test and charge on its own without the need to stand and monitor the machine.
This is truly a highly recommended upgrade for all professional workshops. Read more, and make the move today! Call 1800 15 15 15 for a deal of a lifetime!

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How often should you replace a filter or receiver drier?

It is a cardinal principle to replace the receiver drier or dessicant bag whenever a system is serviced or open to the atmosphere - as per the Australian Code of Practice. Read more to find out...

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3 Simple Steps

We have 3 simple steps that will help you make more money, and have more happy customers.
Read more and find out how to get your customers smiling from ear to ear!

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Why flush an AC system?

It is appalling the number of systems we come across in our time in the field where compressors have been replaced, sometimes more than 3-4 times and the system has never been flushed! Can you imagine not only the filings and contamination, but the sheer glut of oil in the system. Why? Read more to find out...

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