Finding a suitable and reliable heavy duty air-conditioning rooftop unit that can withstand the harshest Australian Outback conditions, takes time and resource to research and test. At Highgate Air, we value highly our customers’ time, and this is why we only partner with reputable and specialist air-conditioning rooftop manufactures like SIGMA, known for their long-standing world class reputation and reliability, to help provide our customers fast and reliable solutions.

In this episode, Scott will showcase the Australian designed and engineered SIGMA EPR4 air-conditioning rooftop unit. So, if you’re looking for a high performing and reliable rooftop air-conditioning solution for trucks, earth moving equipment such as loaders, drills or excavators, heavy duty off-road mining and agricultural vehicles, and one that can deal with the dusty Australian Outback conditions, including high vibration and temperatures, it’s time to watch episode 3 below and find out how the RO-99301 or RO-99300 Sigma EPR4 can help you and your business.

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