Having the right gear for your service set -up is vital to ensure efficiency and professionalism.  

In March 2018, Jared from Outback Mining Services was setting up his mobile service ute and reached out to the Highgate Air team to help him decide which set up would be best suited to his needs. 

We hooked Jared up with a Gear Up Pro Kit, which includes a Refco R1234yf, R134a Portable station, 142LPM Vac Pump, Refco Recovery Station Twin Cycle, UK Made UV light with glasses, CPS TM50 Temp Seek Digital Thermometer, recovery reclaim cylinger (12kg) and a Metal hand turn oil and dye injector.

Jared said that “the entire process of selecting the equipment and then the further recommendation for addition equipment […] was a harmonious experience”. 

“After a quick discussion he (the sales representative) established my needs and was able to recommend the perfect package which has been absolutely fantastic”  

Two years on, we thought we would check in with Jared, and see what he has to say about the kit now.  

Working mainly on mining machinery and trucks, Jared spends 90% of his time on dirt roads and underground, travelling 100’s of kms to get to his service sites.  

In his words, Jared says that the ‘gear's has been going really well, it’s covered in dust but hasn’t missed a beat”.  

What if he was to set up another service vehicle, what would he do differently, knowing what he knows two years on? 

“I wouldn’t change anything about the overall set up, I am really happy with the portability of the equipment we have now. It hasn’t missed a beat as yet.” 

Our team has compered 3 start-up kits and 2 of the best 4-IN-1 stations to help you identify which solution would fit your business set up.  

Need further assistance in identifying if you would be better suited to a manual kit or a fully automatic station? Call our team of experts on 1800 15 15 15 or email our team at sales@highgateair.com.au so we can identify which tools, equipment and consumables are most suited to your air conditioning servicing set up.