Another problem solved working with the Highgate Air team…

When we say cooling solutions are only limited by your imagination, we mean it! Highgate has dived into the sea, tackling another custom electric compressor solution – this time on the water!

Jamie’s customer runs 3 barge boats down in Port Adelaide and came to him with A/C systems that were continuing to break down. The original A/C system was running off a generator that continually struggled to keep up with the power requirements that the units needed, and therefore the A/C was consistently underperforming.

Having worked on solutions with Highgate Air previously, Jamie contacted Gino for further recommendations and to see if a custom solution was viable for his challenge. The best part? If Jamie got the first barge A/C system performing well, he would secure a contract to do the same install on 2 x additional boats.

Gino and Jamie worked together to find the best possible solution for the barge, knowing the harsh conditions that this unit would experience – everything from harsh winds, corrosion and of course scorching hot days on the water - Jamie had to ensure he built a system that could handle the toughest of environments.

For this solution, he first matched the Electric Compressor with a large multiflow condenser, twin fans and a purpose-built steel fan shroud. This unit was selected as it was of high capacity to ensure it could withstand and overdeliver throughout the harsher conditions. The shroud around the twin fans channels the air from the fans through the condenser, ensuring good airflow. He then selected a Ceiling mount evaporator unit to match, with a large capacity of 32,20 BTU.

To plumb the whole system together, Jamie used his Lokring/Lokclip tool and fittings to manufacture reduced-wall hoses. He then completed the system in style and custom-built a stainless-steel checker plate metal housing unit – a great way to professionally protect the system from the elements whilst maintaining optimal performance.

As a long-term customer of ours, Jamie knows the difference it makes when you work with a team that is driven by a passion to help customers overcome any challenge, no matter the circumstance.

So now in addition to mining, agricultural, truck and automotive solutions – we add marine solutions and are also currently working with customers who are facing challenges in light aircraft applications, animal carriers, mobile workshops and more!

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Products used in this solution:

  • Electric Compressor
  • Multiflow Condenser and shroud
  • 2 x Electric fans
  • Drier
  • High-Low Pressure Switch
  • Ceiling Mount Evaporator assembly
  • Lokclip hose fittings and Reduced-wall hose